Service Lineup

Brand Strategy

Your brand’s success starts with a thorough strategic planning
of your brand, including where it resides and what it represents.

Services :
  • Brand Audit
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Ongoing Brand Monitoring

Analysis & Research

In order to understand the brand,
market research and industry survey in China.

Services :
  • Market, Sector, and Industry Research
  • Brand Essence and Positioning Evaluations
  • Prospect Targeting
  • Benefits Testing

Business Tour

In order to expand your business horizons, you need to do regular tours,
hold various meetings and participate. UNITY ZERO strives
to support that your business succeeds in India.

Services :
  • Planning of field survey including target, area, channel in the Indian market.
  • Arranging tickets, travel, international visas.
  • Organizing the conference room and cab

Branding Communication

Brand strategy, content creation, PR, SNS management,
promotion support will expand business in the Indian market.

Food Business

We support the launch of the restaurant business in the Indian market.