UNITY ZERO is a communication company that connects Asian countries by providing cross-border branding and community platform. We will contribute to the creation of new business for companies entering the limit of growth.

Our Mission

Storytelling Update

Since ancient times, human beings have formed nations, religions and various groups by storytelling. And now, humans are entering a new stage spreading and sympathizing beyond national and cultural barriers. We will update the storytelling mainly in Asia which is dramatically changing.

Our Vision

A leading communication company

The advertising industry has developed with the postwar economy by controlling media that sends massive amounts of information to the masses. However, human communication has changed dramatically. After the Internet was invented, social media was born. And people came to form countless distributed communities with a strong empathy. We strive for the essence of communication business and aim to become a leading communication company in the 21st century.


“UNITY” and “ZERO” mean values necessary for us to
create businesses connecting different cultures across borders.

  • Bring respect,
    sympathy and success.

  • Enjoy challenge,
    passion and innovation.

Our Business

Cross-border business with branding and technology

  • Cross-Boarder Branding

    We provide a platform for growing business by integrating three elements of brand assets “human” “contents” “channel” into the application.

  • Community Platform

    We understand the market and cultural trends of young people in dramatically changing China and Asian countries and offer branding services.